All of us here are seekers. Once we become seekers, we come to realise that we have imperfections. Before we launched into the spiritual path we had the same imperfections, but we did not consider them imperfections. Now that we have entered into the life of aspiration, even an iota of imperfection, of limitation, creates tremendous remorse within us.

Why are we imperfect and limited? We are imperfect and limited precisely because we do not consciously and soulfully claim God the Infinite, the Eternal and the Immortal as our very own. If we dare to claim God consciously and constantly as our very own, all our limitations will be transformed into boundless opportunities to climb high, higher, highest in the process of our cosmic evolution.

Now, what is limitation? Limitation is our unconscious or conscious expression of separation from our Source. What is limitation? Limitation is our conscious acceptance of the non-essential as our very own. What is limitation? Limitation is our failure to integrate the Dream-Sky of Heaven with the reality-land of earth. Limitation is the yawning gulf between our present realisation and our future revelation. Limitation is the yawning gulf between our illumining revelation and our fulfilling manifestation. Today there is an undeniable chasm separating our realisation-world from our revelation-world, and our revelation-world from our manifestation-world. This chasm is our limitation.

A life of complexity is a life of limitation and abstraction. A life of simplicity is a sunlit path that leads to the fulfilment of our life’s multifarious goals. Complexity deliberately ignores the divine beauty and the limitless capacity of humility. Simplicity knows that humility is not the painful awareness of our limitation, but the conscious recognition of our real divinity.

Self-deceit and self-acclaim are limitation. Self-deprecation is also limitation. When we deceive ourselves, we unconsciously try to uproot our life-tree. When we uproot the life-tree forcibly, it is broken and torn asunder. When we aggrandise our ego, we just feed our earthly existence and kill our inner life. Again, when we underestimate our own existence, our capacities and potentialities, we starve our divine existence, we grow weaker and weaker, and finally we die. When we deprecate ourselves, when we try to keep ourselves forcibly in a tiny prison cell, we do not allow our life-seed to germinate. Self-deceit is the conscious negation of our inner divinity, and self-deprecation is the conscious misconception of our inner divinity.

To conquer limitations is to grow into the process of conscious and speedy evolution. When we have conquered our limitations, we realise that everyone without exception has been blessed with unique capacities and potentialities. Once an individual discovers his own uniqueness by conquering his limitations, he feels certain that others also have a uniqueness of their own.

Limitation is self-thinking. Self-thinking is the conscious, disproportionate adoration of our finite self. When self-thinking gives way to God-thinking, the tiny individual drop becomes the ocean of Infinity, and limitations disappear sooner than at once. When universality comes forward, the blossoming of the divine personality immediately follows. In our continuous universality, Eternity glows and Immortality flows. To conquer limitation is to grow into the process of illumining and convincing revelation. To conquer limitation is to live in the process of direct and perfect manifestation. Earthly possessions limit us. Heavenly renunciation frees and liberates us. Supreme illumination immortalises us. Limitation abides in the cave of the unlit mind. Freedom grows in the land of the aspiring heart. Immortality abides in the kingdom of the illumining soul.

Right now we are limited. But limitation is not and cannot be our eternal Reality. Each limitation of ours can easily be overcome provided we know that our Source is unlimited. Once we dare to claim God the Almighty Father and God the Mother Supreme as our very own, in the twinkling of an eye we are bound to feel ourselves unlimited in every way. And in the unlimited expansion of our consciousness, we come to feel that it is our bounden duty to manifest our Beloved Supreme here on earth in His own Way.

OEH 19. Trent University; Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Batta Library, 22 March 1974.