Sincerity, purity and security60

Dear seekers, I am glad to be here with you. I am glad to feel your aspiration-heart. I am glad to offer you my dedication-life.

You have sincerity. You have purity. You have security. Sincerity, purity and security are of paramount importance in the spiritual life. I, too, have worked hard to cultivate these three sublimely divine virtues in my own life: sincerity, purity and security.

There was a time when we were not sincere in our spiritual life. We were terribly insincere, shockingly impure and unquestionably insecure. But now those days are buried in oblivion. Those unhealthy incidents and unillumining experiences in our life are all forgotten, long forgotten. Now we have sincerity, purity and security in abundant measure. On the strength of these three divine qualities, we can march along the road of Eternity with success and progress. As we continue our endless journey, as we walk, march and run along Eternity’s Road, we shall have more, abundant, infinite sincerity, purity and security. While we are running, we are establishing a new dawn, an illumining and fulfilling dawn. This dawn will illumine others who are still consciously or unconsciously wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance.

There are many seekers who are still not sincere, many seekers who are still not pure, many seekers who are still not secure. When we tell them about our own past weaknesses, we illumine the animal in them, we encourage the human in them and we fulfil the divine in them.

What is weakness, after all? Weakness is the temporary absence of perfection. And where does perfection lie? Perfection lies in our self-giving. Our beginning self-giving eventually grows into endless God-becoming.

Let us continuously strive for our perfection. For in our own perfection will loom large the confidence of others — their confidence in spirituality, in God-realisation and in Truth-manifestation on earth. At every moment, in silence, our aspiration-life and dedication-heart can inspire those who are a little behind us to reach the selfsame Destined Goal, the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond.

EHWM 60. University of California at Berkeley; Berkeley, California, USA, 27 September 1978