I can have peace109

I must simplify my complicated life so that I can have soulful peace. I must purify my doubting mind so that I can have powerful peace. I must intensify my aspiring heart so that I can have fruitful peace.

In the small hours of the morning, I meditate on peace. During the day, I try to transform my peace-dream-light into my peace-reality-delight.

I can have immediate peace the moment I sincerely feel that I am not indispensable either in the inner world of aspiration or in the outer world of dedication. I can have immediate peace when I can put an end to my self-aggrandisement. I can have immediate peace when I can devotedly feel that each human being, either consciously or unconsciously, is heading towards perfection and that, at God’s choice Hour, each human being will reach the acme of perfection.

I can have divine peace only when I can feel in the inmost recesses of my heart that I am of God’s Compassion-Heart and that I am consciously, constantly, devotedly and unconditionally for God’s Satisfaction-Life. I can have supreme peace when I can feel unmistakably that my existence-light is only for God’s Satisfaction-Life.

May the seeker in each human heart pray to the hidden Lord Transcendental to appear, so that when He appears, He will appear with His revealed universal Peace.

109. Columbia University; New York, New York, USA, 25 January 1986