My sleepless willingness is my heart’s soulful conversation with God’s Compassion-Eye. My heart’s unwillingness is the very beginning of my mind’s frustration-destruction-dance. My heart’s hallowed willingness-strength can easily cover my mind’s farthest unwillingness-length.

My despotic unwillingness is a self-styled server always unemployed. My inner life and my outer life simply do not need it or even want it. Nevertheless, alas, at times my unwillingness-mind-baggage is shockingly heavy and far overweight. To please my Lord at every moment in His own Way, what I need is a soulful willingness empty of expectation and full of sterling faith. Therefore, every morning I pray to my Lord Supreme to bless my aspiration-heart with willingness-gratitude-tears and to bless my dedication-life with willingness-plenitude-smiles.

My Lord Supreme, the world desperately needs peace-contributions in infinite measure. Do grant me soulful willingness so that I, along with all the other self-giving hearts of the world, can offer my own heart’s peace-contribution spontaneously and generously to fulfil humanity’s age-old cry for world peace, world harmony and a oneness-world-home.

To my extreme joy, my Beloved Supreme has listened to my heartfelt prayer. The indomitable eagerness of my God-nourished and God-cherished heart’s willingness has once and for all smashed the pride of my mind’s self-doubting and God-doubting unwillingness. Now my unreserved and unconditional willingness to love God the Creator and serve God the Creation unconditionally has placed me on the highest rung of my consciousness-ladder, and God is offering me His own transcendental Crown and universal Throne.

119. Columbia University; New York, New York, USA, 9 February 1989