Obedience, obedience, obedience!

Obedience is acceptance — acceptance of God’s Light. Obedience is rejection — rejection of ignorance-night. Obedience is perfection — perfection of the human nature.

Obedience, from the spiritual point of view, is never a helpless submission. Obedience is the seeker’s discovery of the inner Light, the Pilot Supreme. Obedience is not the annihilation of individuality — no, no! Obedience is the seeker’s cheerful and free entrance into universality.

Obedience is the beauty of faith. Obedience is the purity of faith. Obedience is the prosperity of faith. Faith awakens the human in us. Faith leads the human in us. Faith liberates the human in us. Faith takes us to God’s Compassion-Eye. Faith brings God’s Satisfaction-Heart to us.

My obedience is my selfless, unconditional dedication-life to my Lord Supreme. My Lord Supreme is not far away — no, no! He is near, nearer than the nearest. He is here to grant me my full realisation. He is here to help me manifest His own Transcendental Divinity here on earth. My obedience-heart, God’s Compassion-Eye and God’s outstretched Arms live together, sing together and play together to manifest God’s Will here on earth.

If I do not obey my Inner Pilot in this lifetime then, in my next incarnation, I may commit the same blunders that I committed in this incarnation, but even sooner — perhaps at the very dawn of my earthly sojourn. If I do not obey my Inner Pilot in this incarnation, my human life will sadly miss the touch of divinity and the divine in me will starve and starve most deplorably.

Obedience reached its supreme, ultimate, absolute height when the Saviour Son’s obedience-heart voiced forth: “Father, let Thy Will be done.” By virtue of this obedience-prayer, man’s eternal thirst, without fail, will be quenched by God’s infinite Nectar-Delight.

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