The New Millennium and world peace133

O New Millennium, every thousand years you come to bless us, the entire humanity, with new dreams, new hopes and new promises. And now, once again, you are fast approaching. Today we wish to invoke you most soulfully and prayerfully.

O New Millennium, you are not a mere number. Your arrival heralds the divinely significant descent of a new consciousness on earth.

The Old Millennium says to the New Millennium, “My Brother, do not make the same mistakes that I made!”

We ask our Lord Beloved Supreme, “Please tell us frankly what kind of mistakes we have made in the Old Millennium and how we can rectify them in the New Millennium.”

Our Lord Supreme compassionately replies, “In the 20th Century, power and helplessness are in action. In the 21st Century, Love and Light will be in action.”

We say to our Lord, “Please tell us if we have understood You correctly: in the 20th Century, we have left God to be with ourselves. In the 21st Century, we shall leave ourselves for God and we shall live only for God, only for God.”

Our Beloved Lord whispers deep within our hearts, “True, My children, true. Spirituality you have rejected, God you have neglected. But do not give up! The 21st Century will help you find your way back to my Heart-Home. I have already erased My dissatisfaction-memories of the past. Can you not do the same? May all uncomely memories of the 20th Century fade away from your mind as quickly as possible! Exhale the dust of the past. Inhale the fragrance of the future.

“World peace is the sole theme of the present-day world. Right from a child to a 99-year-old, all incessantly talk about world peace. I dearly love the world-peace-dreamers, world-peace-lovers, world-peace-servers and even the world-war-mongers who on very, very, very rare occasions genuinely feel the supreme necessity of world peace in the very depths of their heart.

“Needless to say, the supremacy of the mind wants to bless the world with peace. Indeed, it is the height of stupidity! Indeed, it is the height of absurdity! It is the intimacy of the heart that can and shall inundate the world, either in the near or distant future, with peace.

“Might is right. This ignorance-founded theory has to be immediately and permanently shunned. Right is might, and right is founded upon Light. This infallible reality has to be accepted here and now, and must needs be practised throughout Eternity.

“The dividing and divided mind will never be able to enjoy even an iota of peace. It is the uniting and united heart that can and shall enjoy peace in immeasurable measure.

“Where is peace, if not a prayer-height away? Where is peace, if not a meditation-depth away? Let us have only the prayer that teaches us, ‘Not my will’. Let us have only the meditation that teaches us, ‘But Thine be done’.

“The Source of everything is God the Compassionate. Therefore, the Source of science is also none other than God Himself. God expected science to be always an unparalleled boon in the process of humanity’s evolution towards Infinity’s Light and Delight. But, alas, science in many aspects of human life has been a veritable curse, instead of being an unimaginable blessing. Instead of having the vision of an ever-blossoming creation, science indulges in an ever-increasing destruction.

“The spiritual seekers are eagerly and breathlessly waiting for the Golden Day when the heart of spirituality will be able to successfully embrace the mind of science and visa versa. Each will teach the other a new song. Science will teach spirituality the song of Infinity’s Peace-Beauty. Spirituality will teach science the song of Immortality’s Peace-Fragrance.

“I hope I have answered your question, my sweet children.”

O God, our Lord of Compassion, long two thousand years ago the Saviour Christ took birth to liberate mankind from the throes of ignorance-night. Alas, in two thousand years we have not been able to transform this world into the Kingdom of Heaven. Please tell us if the children of the next century will succeed in fulfilling his vision.

“My children, do not succumb to despair. In the New Millennium, My Compassion-Rain shall again descend in measureless measure. And this time it will be greeted by humanity’s wide open receptivity-heart-door. So smile, My children, smile. The New Millennium will be the abode of mankind’s dream.”

O Lord Beloved Supreme, we are ready, our hearts are ready, our entire being is ready to sing of the supremely, gloriously rising dawn of the New Millennium.

“My children, something more I wish to add. Millennia have passed by, but humanity has not yet seen the face of peace. To My great Joy and Relief, in the 21st Century, the Mother Goddess of Peace will visit each and every earth-family to whisper and inspire the supreme necessity of a oneness-world-family. Her persuasion of her children will be founded upon her all-disarming Smiles. Her God-receptivity-beauty and God-gratitude-fragrance will cover the entire length and breadth of the world. Tomorrow’s humanity and tomorrow’s Divinity will not only have infinitely more faith in each other, but also will work together for humanity to arrive at the Heart-Door of the Absolute Supreme and for Divinity to ring its Victory-Bell in the readiness, willingness and eagerness-home of humanity.”

133. Marillac Auditorium, St. John's University; Jamaica, New York, USA, 16 April 1999. Sri Chinmoy was presented with a special proclamation from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at St. John's University welcoming him as a "Messenger of the Millennium." The presentation was made by Dr. Raymond Bulman, senior member of the Department and author of the book, "The Lure of the Millennium." Sri Chinmoy was also made an honorary member of Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honour Society for Theology.