A conversation with my Lord Supreme58

Peace is in the beauty of my silence-mind.
Peace is in the fragrance of my surrender-heart.

A new flame of aspiration inside my heart
Needs a new awakening of my self-giving service:
Peace for mankind.

My Lord Supreme, I would like to ask You a few soulful and spiritual questions. Will You kindly answer them, my Lord Supreme?

“Certainly, My child. I shall answer all your questions.”

My Lord, I am a Truth-seeker and I am a God-lover. My Lord, I wish to glorify You. Please tell me how I can glorify You.

“My child, if you sincerely want to glorify Me, then never be afraid of Me, but be all love. Love Me soulfully, love Me sleeplessly, love Me breathlessly and, finally, love Me unconditionally if you want to glorify Me here on earth.”

My Lord, please tell me how my spiritual life can deal with Your Greatness-Mind and Your Goodness-Heart.

“My child, never, never try to understand My Infinity’s Greatness-Mind. Never. Try to feel at every moment My Immortality’s Goodness in your heart of aspiration and in your life of dedication.”

My Lord Supreme, You know I have an animal vital, a human mind and a divine heart. How can I use them properly?

“The animal vital of yours, never, never use. Never use it to challenge the world, to devour the world. Never. Your human mind, never use it to lord it over others, to achieve supremacy. No, never. Your divine heart, use it at every moment to establish oneness-peace here, there and everywhere throughout the length and breadth of the world. Use your divine heart to establish oneness-peace, peace universal.”

My Lord Supreme, out of Your infinite Bounty, You have given me Your Joy, Blessings and Compassion. These are Your Gifts supreme to earth. Quite often, I forget that I have received these Blessings from You. I do not remember them. Do You feel sad when I do not remember Your supreme Blessings?

“No, My child, I do not feel sad if you do not remember My Blessings supreme which I have bestowed upon you. But I do feel sad when you forget the things that you have done for Me since you entered into the spiritual life: your aspiration-heart, your dedication-life, your willingness-breath and your gratitude-heart. Always try to remember the good things you have done. Only by remembering the good things that you have done for Me will you be able to increase your good qualities. By thinking of your good qualities and meditating on your good qualities, you are bound to increase them and you are bound to improve your spiritual life. You will be able to run fast, faster, fastest and this will make Me happy, divinely happy and supremely happy.

“So, My child, always remember the things that you have done for Me most devotedly and soulfully. What I have done for you and what I will do for you is all done unconditionally. I do not expect anything in return from you. Always try to remember what you have given Me so that your present achievements can be the foundation of your supreme life-temple that will reach high, higher, highest.”

My Lord Supreme, what is the difference between outer education and inner education?

“My child, the outer education tells you how to scrutinise Me. While scrutinising Me, you are unconsciously trying to crucify Me. Your outer education also teaches you how to possess the world. To your utter surprise, while trying to possess the world, you are possessed mercilessly.

“Your inner education is an eternal thirst, an eternal hunger. This eternal thirst and this eternal hunger bring you into My Heart of complete Satisfaction. My child, if you want the life of spirituality, if you want to make yourself divinely and supremely happy, then your inner education is of paramount importance.”

My Lord Supreme, my last question: what do You think of me?

“My child, I think of you exactly the way I think of Myself. I think of you as another God. In Heaven you are My dreamer-partner and, here on earth, you are My action-partner. Together we dream of a better and more illumining creation. On the strength of your unconditional surrender and your gratitude-heart, My child, we have become inseparably one. Each seeker-heart is inseparably one with Me for My manifestation here on earth.”

In my silence-mind is the peace-seed.
In my gratitude-heart is the peace-plant.
In my surrender-life is the peace-tree.

OEH 58. University of Oxford; Oxford, England, Sheldonian Theatre, 26 June 1989.