Part V — Finland

I need peace62

I need peace in my inner life of aspiration. I need peace in my outer life of dedication. Therefore, no more shall I allow my heart to enter into the insecurity-cave. No more shall I allow my mind to enter into the thought-jungle. No more shall I allow my vital to enter into the destruction-arena. No more shall I allow my body to enter into the lethargy-world. No more shall I do these things, for I need peace in my inner life and in my outer life.

In order to have peace, I need confidence in my inner life and determination in my outer life. Confidence is to be found only in the very depths of my heart. Determination is to be found in my mind proper. The union of confidence and determination will definitely bring peace to my life. Every day I must try to strengthen my inner confidence and my outer determination and grow into a sea of peace.

My dear ones, relatives, friends, neighbours and acquaintances quite often give me advice and tell me what I need in my life. But it is I who have to discover what I need most in my life, and it is I who have to pray for it and meditate on it. What I need most in my life is peace — peace in abundant measure, peace in infinite measure.

When I pray, I feel peace. When I meditate, I feel peace. I feel this peace in the inmost recesses of my heart. So my inner wisdom-light tells me that I should try to increase my prayer time and my meditation time. For an extra five minutes I shall soulfully pray and meditate to increase the divine peace within me. This additional five minutes will give me an added portion of peace and silence.

Quite often I commit Himalayan blunders. Thinking that I am a superior human being, I try to save the world. But here I am making a most deplorable mistake. I must not try to save the world with my imperfection-night. As long as I remain imperfect, I can only cry for the world — cry for its improvement and perfection. I can soulfully pray to my Lord Supreme for the liberation and perfection of this world. It is only after I liberate and perfect myself that I can try to liberate and perfect the world. It is only after I discover and embody peace within myself that I can offer peace to the world at large.

I must not live in my superficial mind if I truly and sincerely want and need peace for myself and for the world. I must live in the depths of my aspiration-heart. My mind quite often wants to dominate the world around it, whereas my aspiring heart only wants to liberate me from the meshes of ignorance and show me the way to the Golden Shore. So I must remain always in my aspiration-heart for the purification of my mind, for the liberation of my earthly life and for the transformation of my nature. This is the only way that I can have peace within and peace without. This is the only way my soul-bird can spread its wings all-where and fly in the firmament of light and delight.

OEH 63. Helsinki University; Helsinki, Finland, 18 July 1986.