Peace individual and collective66

Peace is the inspiration-eye of my mind’s faith. Peace is the aspiration-eye of my heart’s love. Peace is the illumination-eye of my soul’s delight.

If I care only for myself — for my own happiness, my own needs and necessities — then I shall have no peace. If I care only for other human beings, not knowing what their actual divine needs are, then again I will have no peace. But if soulfully, devotedly and sleeplessly I care only for God, my Lord Beloved Supreme, then undoubtedly I will have abundant Peace, boundless Peace, universal Peace and transcendental Peace. Who is God, after all? God is my heart’s Eternity’s oneness-tree. At the same time, God is the fulness-flowers and fulness-fruits of this oneness-tree.

A seeker each day prays devotedly and meditates soulfully. By virtue of his prayer and meditation he acquires an iota of peace. Alas, he quickly loses this iota of peace because of his idle thoughts. He has no idea how destructive an idle thought can be. Idle pleasure-thoughts are his worst enemy. His hard-earned peace he loses in the twinkling of an eye when he enjoys an idle pleasure-thought.

The moment he acquires peace, on the strength of his soulful prayer and powerful meditation, the seeker has to be on the alert. At every moment he has to keep himself away from idle thoughts and the idle pleasure-life so that he does not lose his most precious inner wealth, which is peace.

Peace is the seeker’s sweet and fond hope. Peace is the seeker’s purity-aspiration. Peace is the seeker’s inspiration-promise fulfilled by God Himself in and through the seeker.

Today’s seeker has an inner urge for peace, but he thinks and feels that peace is something unknown. He feels that his search for peace is an adventure-jump into the unknown. He is willing to jump into the unknown because his inner urge for peace gives him sweet joy and inner confidence.

But in the near future or in the distant future, this same seeker will see peace in a different light. He will see peace as something ever-known. He will come to realise that not only the unknown reality but also the reality that is unknowable to the mind does not and cannot remain forever unknowable to him. An unknowable reality is only a hidden reality. At God’s choice Hour it comes to the fore not only as something known, but also as something ever-known. The Truth-seeker and God-lover tells the world, “Something that is unknown today need not, cannot and will not remain so forever, since this is the Will of the Absolute Supreme.”

In the long march of aspiration, the reality deep within must come to the fore and be revealed and manifested, for God the Supreme Beloved does not want to remain hidden to man the lover. He wants man to realise Him and manifest Him. Sleeplessly He tells His seeker-soldiers and seeker-lovers that they are His own Essence.

He also tells them that without having peace of mind, His Gift unparalleled, no human being will be able to realise Him in His highest Divinity and Reality. He says to the seekers: “Pray and meditate! Pray for the peace that will inspire and illumine your own life, and meditate for the peace that will spread and radiate to the world around.”

Our prayer-life will grant us peace for ourselves, and our meditation-life will grant us peace for the entire humanity. Let us devotedly pray! Let us soulfully meditate!

OEH 70. University of Stuttgart; Stuttgart, Germany, 10 June 1986.