Part XI — Japan

OEH 79. Institute of Technology; Tokyo, Japan, 25 October 1969.

New creation

We are all God’s Creation. The world is God’s Creation. The universe is God’s Creation. At every moment God is being created in us in a new form or fashion with each new thought, new idea, new ideal and, finally, with each new goal. Creation is always being renewed, therefore, God’s Creation is always new. We are constantly getting new thoughts, new feelings, new ideas and new ideals; we are achieving new inspiration and new aspiration. Only through new inspiration and aspiration can we make use of each second of our day-to-day existence. He who has no inspiration is dead in the spiritual world. He who has no aspiration is a hopeless case. But he who has both inspiration and aspiration has every opportunity, capacity and potentiality to guide and mould his life into an ever-new form. For him is God’s Infinite Plenitude; for him is God the Blissful, God the Almighty.

When we approach God and humanity with our spiritual love, our soul’s love, the love that constantly breathes in purity, then we see God and the world as an ever-new Creation. We see them as All-Love. We see that the world is totally changed, changed for the better. Not only is God the Creator but He Himself is being created. God is also this new Creation which we are seeing and creating with our spiritual love or which God is creating through us with His Love.

When we approach God with devotion, soulful devotion, we see God standing right in front of us with all the Concern of His heart and Soul, and with all His Blessings. When we approach humanity with devotion, we experience total oneness with humanity. Until we devote ourselves unreservedly to the cause of humanity, we can never dare to be one with humanity. To be one with humanity the Creation is to be one with God the Creator.

If we approach God with our soul’s surrender, our heart’s surrender, our mind’s surrender and our body’s surrender, we see God standing right in front of us with all that He has and all that He is. He becomes totally one with us. All that He has becomes verily the slave of our surrender. His very Existence is to please us in every possible way. Our surrender has the capacity to bring God right in front of us and compel Him to be a slave of our absolute, unreserved surrender. It is in our surrender, in our constant self-offering in the Lap of God, in the Heart of God, in the heart of humanity, that our total and fulfilled oneness lies.

When we see God with our soul’s eye, we see that He is the Eternal, the One, and, at the same time, He is ever-changing. He is constant Peace, in the finite as well as in the Infinite. He is One in His Highest and He is many in the field of manifestation. In manifestation we see God’s Creation within us, without us, above us, below us and around us.

An ordinary man has no time to think of God. He is too busy. A spiritual man always has time to think of God. No matter how busy he is, no matter how great a responsibility he has to shoulder, he finds ample time for God. When he thinks of God, his very thought gives him a new life, a new hope, a new achievement.

Instead of living in darkness, ignorance, struggle, contention and competition, we can live in our soul’s plenitude, in God’s infinite Blessing, Compassion and Capacity. Let us utilise each day and found a new creation in our inner life as well as in our outer life. Each second we can utilise as a golden opportunity to achieve the Highest and realise the Deepest, not only in ourselves, but also in others.

The thing of paramount importance is that God comes first, then comes humanity. In the highest sense, there should be no separation between God and humanity. God has to be seen in humanity. If we love a person, we should love him not because he is beautiful, but because in him there is All-Beauty, yet in imperfect form. We should see humanity as the still imperfect manifestation of the One who is within all. God is the Creator and the Creation. In all our actions, in all our thoughts, in all our feelings, we have to keep God first and then humanity, but without separating them. All is God, therefore, God is in humanity. When we can realise this, then we will see God the Creator and God the Creation together, dawning in our human life in an ever-new Form.