Question: How can we be really satisfied with ourselves?

Sri Chinmoy: Unless we offer God our gratitude-tears, we will never be satisfied. Even if God is satisfied, we will not be satisfied with ourselves. If we do not develop gratitude-tears, the Master may say, “I am pleased with you, I am pleased with you,” but the disciple will not be pleased. The disciple will not be pleased with himself if he has not developed gratitude-tears. The Master may say, “I am very proud of you,” but the disciple will not be satisfied. The Master may be satisfied, but the disciple will see that something is lacking in his life.

If we have gratitude-tears, then we will be happy. Otherwise, the Master may say, “I am very pleased, I am very pleased,” but the disciple will say, “I am not pleased.” Let us say that I have played my role by telling you that I am pleased with you. Sincerely I am telling you, but you have to play your role by developing gratitude-tears, gratitude-tears, gratitude-tears. When you play your role, then you will be fully satisfied. Otherwise, you will only be half-satisfied.

It is difficult for us. Always we take everything for granted. Once we get a mango, we are so satisfied that God has given it to us. God will give unconditionally, but if we pray for the mango, then we will be more satisfied. I prayed; God gave and my Master gave. My Master gave me his illumination, his compassion, his affection. I gave God gratitude. I gave my Master gratitude. Everything is mutual. Let us say one leg is gratitude and one leg is compassion, or one eye is gratitude and one eye is compassion. They go together. With one leg, can we walk? With one eye, how far can we see? With one hand, how much can we do? Both must go together, together.

Again, we have to give God only gratitude-tears, gratitude-tears. We have to say, “God, You have given me the capacity to think of You, to pray to You, to meditate on You, whereas millions and billions of people are not thinking of You, are not praying to You, are not meditating on You.”

When gratitude-tears come to the fore in our life, we are satisfied and God is satisfied. If we do not develop gratitude-tears, when God gives something we will be proud and haughty. We will brag: “God has given this blessing to me! God did not give it to him; God did not give it to her.” Pride comes to the fore in us. But when we offer gratitude, then our humility comes to the fore. At that time, pride and haughtiness do not enter into the picture.