Question: Is there such a thing as weather in the inner world that corresponds to the weather outside?2

Sri Chinmoy: No, they do not correspond. Some astrologers and Indian almanacs say there can be a connection with weather in the inner world, but I do not agree with them. Inner weather has nothing to do with outer weather. Even if you are miserable, if you are jealous, insecure, impure, the morning can be very soothing. Everything can be absolutely beautiful; everyone is enjoying the gentle morning breeze and everyone is happy. Nature itself is happy. The birds are chirping, the birds are singing, and everybody is enjoying the morning. But if you are jealous, insecure or impure, are you enjoying anything? No, the inner weather and the outer weather do not go together.

Again, sometimes it may happen that you are inwardly happy and also outwardly happy. If the two go together, you are more happy. If you are inwardly happy, if on a particular day you do not have any jealousy or insecurity, and you have established your oneness with the whole world, then you are really happy. But we cannot say that if you are inwardly happy, then you are bound to be outwardly happy. It does not happen like that.

If you are outwardly happy, that does not mean anything. Outwardly you may be happy because you have received ten thousand dollars, but inwardly you may be miserable because in the morning you did not pray at all. You are separating your inner life and your outer life. Outwardly you are so happy because you have received so much money. But you did not pray in the morning, and so you are inwardly miserable. You say to yourself, “What have I done? This morning I did not pray to God, I did not meditate on God.” The inner happiness and the outer happiness do not go together.

If you have the inner happiness because you prayed and meditated, and you also receive material wealth, then you are doubly happy. But usually it does not happen like that. Then again, there are so many ways for the mind to contradict you. If you are outwardly rich, then your mind may come to the fore and say, “Oh, God does not want me to be spiritually happy. He is giving me outer wealth because He is depriving me of my inner wealth: peace, light and bliss.” There is always a problem if you want to join the inner and the outer.

If you are in the outer life, then you do outer things well. If you are in the inner life, then inner things you do well. But if you want to do both simultaneously, then you may be in trouble. If you want to put the inner weather and the outer weather together, you will not succeed. There may be turmoil in the inner weather, and the outer weather will not help you at all. Again I wish to say that the inner weather and the outer weather do not go together.

OGT 18-22. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 18 December 1999 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during his annual Christmas Trip with his disciples