Question: Does that mean that one can increase in wisdom and other qualities in the soul's world, but one will not come to the point of God-realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to realise God here. Realisation exists in the soul’s world, but God says no. It is like a decree.

In my house there may be food in the kitchen or in the meditation hall, but I say that I want to eat and feed my guests on the porch. What can you do? Again, if you are on the porch with me, you will see my whole body, all my limbs. If you go to the kitchen, you may be thinking of my head or my heart or some other aspect of my existence. But if you are on the porch with me, you can see my whole being.

The most important thing is God’s Choice. If God wishes, He can give God-realisation in Heaven. But He says, “No, I have decided that I will give you God-realisation on earth.”

When it is a matter of God’s Choice, why does He have to wait for six years to bring someone back to earth after his previous incarnation? God can bring someone back in two years. Again, He may wait two hundred or three hundred years. There is no hard and fast rule. But one rule He has made: in general, ordinary souls have to stay in the soul’s world for six years. The higher they are, the more rest they can take. Has Lord Buddha again taken incarnation, or Sri Ramakrishna, or Sri Krishna? No! They are so high. They do not want to come back. They say, “From the higher worlds we can operate.”

Ordinary souls still have to go such a long way. For six years they can take rest. In some cases, God does not want them to take rest even for six years because they are so ordinary. As a matter of fact, they are dying to come back! When ordinary people leave the body, from the soul’s world they die to come back. They go to the soul’s world according to their own capacity. They do not go into the highest region. God says that in six years they will come back, but at times He breaks the rule: it may be three years, two years, one year.

After only one year, how does a soul enter into another family and tell everybody what happened? Somebody has died. Then she is reincarnated, and she is able to tell her previous husband’s name. After she has taken incarnation in a totally different family, she tells the name of her previous husband and the name of her husband’s brother, who killed her. These Indian tales are true! One lady told the name of the person and how he killed her. Everything she told in detail. One year after their death some people take incarnation in other families, and soon they tell all about their previous existence. It is one hundred per cent true.