Question: In the future, will people understand all the Avatars throughout history in the way that you present them, because you try to synthesise all in your philosophy?6

Sri Chinmoy: Only my disciples, my devotees, my admirers, my special friends who have aspiration and my acquaintances who have tremendous love for me and who have aspiration will take me as an Avatar who tried to synthesise all spiritual aspects of life.

Sri Krishna’s disciples or devotees say that he was the greatest Avatar. He synthesised all religions, everything, in his Bhagavad Gita, his Song Celestial. Sri Ramakrishna’s disciples say the same, that their Master synthesised all religions. In India we heard that Sri Ramakrishna was the one who synthesised all the religions. We read it, we heard it and we believed it, because we had tremendous love, admiration, adoration and devotion for Sri Ramakrishna. Again, there are many who do not have the same feeling.

All the spiritual Masters have disciples, and the disciples extol their respective Masters to the skies. This is absolutely necessary and inevitable for their progress. The higher you feel your Master is, the higher you go on the strength of your imagination, inspiration, aspiration and self-giving, because he has realised God. He has become inseparably one with the highest Absolute Transcendental Reality.

It is for you, not for others, to see your Master as the highest. Only the devotees have to see and feel this way, and their seeing is not incorrect; their feeling is not incorrect. Their seeing is correct; their feeling is correct. The higher they feel their Master is, the higher they go; and also, the faster they make progress. Not only do they go higher, but they make faster progress. If my disciples can think of me as being as high as possible, only by thinking, they can make very, very fast progress. At times they may think I am very high; again, at times they may think I am very low. The higher they can keep their consciousness with regard to me, the higher they will go. Not only will they go very, very high, but also they will make faster progress.

To come back to your question, Jesus Christ was the Saviour for the Christian world; Sri Krishna was the Saviour for the Hindu world. The entire world will not take any spiritual Master as the supreme authority — no, no.

OGT 26. Sri Chinmoy answered the following question on 15 July 2000 at PS 86 in Jamaica, New York