Question: How?

Sri Chinmoy: We act. There is not a single minute that we are not acting, whether in the physical world, the vital world, the mental world, the psychic world or the spiritual world. We may not be aware of our actions, but at every moment we are acting, either in this world or in another world. Now the question is, how do we act? Do we try to accomplish something by hook or by crook, to bring about success? No, no! Everything that we do has to be done as soulfully and as self-givingly as possible. How do we do something: haphazardly, hurriedly or doubtfully? No! Our answer has to be that we act soulfully and self-givingly, in anything that we do.

Let us say you are binding a book. You know how to bind the book, but while working, are you thinking of God? Are you thinking of your Guru? Are you thinking of your own soul? How you are binding the book is of utmost importance. Are you working lovingly and soulfully, thinking of the Supreme or thinking of your Master or thinking of your own soul? If you serve in that way, thinking of the Supreme, of your Master or of your own soul, then your action is most perfect, most perfect.