Question: Guru, this place where we are, Aspiration-Ground, is a very sacred place. Was it destined thousands of years ago to be a sacred place, or is it something that happened spontaneously?

Sri Chinmoy: This place was destined to be the Aspiration-Ground. Right from the beginning, Aspiration-Ground was destined, and it is our most sacred, sacred place.

For everything we need an instrument. God has the Vision, and then God manifests His Vision in and through us. God needs an instrument to manifest His Vision here on earth. The Master also needs an instrument to inspire others. Many, many people have worked here, but I must say that this Aspiration-Ground should be felt as synonymous with Ranjana’s heart and self-giving. Others have worked very, very hard, and I am very, very grateful. But when we think of this Aspiration-Ground, the temple and the garden, they are synonymous with Ranjana’s aspiration and self-giving. The Supreme chose me to be His instrument, and here I chose Ranjana to be the instrument, with her constant self-giving to this place. She constantly thinks of Aspiration-Ground. It is our most, most sacred ground. As the years pass by, it will be known as our own heart’s sacred, sacred reality. For that, my heart is all gratitude to Ranjana for constantly, sleeplessly thinking of this place.

There are others who have worked and will be working very, very hard for Aspiration-Ground. To them, and to all the Aspiration-Ground guards who serve me everywhere, I wish to say that I am extremely, extremely grateful, grateful to you all.