Question: Guru, when will the world begin to accept you for who you really are, and to put your message into practice?

Sri Chinmoy: First you_ have to accept me wholeheartedly! When I ask you to do something, at that time you have to forget everything else. Please do what I ask first. You may be thinking that you have to do four other things first, but ask yourself which task is more important. When your Master asks you to do something, do that thing first. If you are late for something else, will your whole world collapse? You have to show your readiness, willingness and eagerness. You are my disciple. As soon as I utter something to you, I have to feel that it is done. I know how many things I give you to do. Every day I give you so many jobs! For your service you get my boundless gratitude.

When will the world accept me? If you accept me immediately, then you will see that the world is following me. You are my instrument, my choice instrument. If you say you have so many other things to do, if you are hesitating, then others will also hesitate. Again, if you run faster than the fastest towards your Master, others will also be inspired to run, or to walk very fast. But if you start hesitating, others will fall asleep. They will not get up!

First my disciples have to accept me wholeheartedly. My disciples and I have formed a little world, a miniature world. I am telling the disciples to wake up, wake up. If the disciples accept me wholeheartedly, immediately, then the rest of the world will accept me.