The heart is stronger than the mind21

Today I have lifted seventy individuals, and I am “only” seventy years old! Right now one of the disciples is guarding by the door. When he turns seventy, let us see if he can lift seventy people. I will watch from Heaven. He has so many years to practise!

After lifting forty or forty-five people, the mind revolts; but the heart is stronger than the mind, much stronger. The heart compels the mind to go on. Otherwise, the mind absolutely revolts. The mind does not want to lift any more, but the heart is so strong. The heart says, “You have to do it, you have to!” Here is the proof that the heart is stronger than the mind.

Call it greed or perseverance or determination: I have lifted more than two thousand people in the past few months. We started in March last year. Last time it took six or seven years to complete two thousand, and this time it has not taken even a year. In eleven months, I have lifted 2,057 people. The older you become, the more energy you get. Again, in some cases it may happen that the older you become, the more stupidity you accumulate.

I do not know when I will stop. The mind wants to stop at this very moment. Mentally when I try to imagine two thousand people, I cannot!

OGT 51. 18 January 2002, Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam