Question: Is it bad for the soul to feel angry and revengeful after it dies? Are there undivine consequences for the soul?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two ways. One way is to forgive and forget. That is the way of the Saviour Christ and the Lord Buddha: forgive, forgive, forgive. With that approach I will say, “I am more illumined than they are. They are ignorant people, and that is why they have struck me. Let me forgive them, forgive them.” That way I get satisfaction.

Another way is to use a different kind of wisdom. I will say, “They are ignorant, but I will make them more ignorant if I do not show my capacity and tell them that they have done something wrong.” Today they have struck me and they have escaped. Tomorrow they will attack somebody else, because they do not realise that they have done something wrong. I have to make them conscious that they have done something wrong. I say to them, “I will not give you the opportunity to strike again.”

Then there is a third way, which is to say, “You kicked me; I shall kick you back.” But I will say, “You have kicked me once, but I will not allow you to kick me a second time. I will escape by using my wisdom.” My theory is like that. Very ordinary people will say “Tit for tat,” “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” or “If you strike me, I have every right to strike you.” That is true, but some people say, “You are an ignorant fellow. I am above this. I have realised God.” That approach I do not like. I like the second way: “On the physical plane if you strike me, I will not allow you to strike me again because you will incur more ignorance. I will not allow you to become more ignorant. Then you can become wise, wiser, wisest.”