Question: Before we act, something in us judges whether or not it will be time well spent. Is this productive?

Sri Chinmoy: If we are about to do something that is ordinary and mundane, then it is advisable to determine in advance whether or not it would be time well spent. But if we are about to do something serious, something inner, something deep, then we must not think about whether our time will be spent properly or not. If it is a divine matter, then we must not bring in the mind to judge whether the action is good or bad.

Again, we should not waste our time thinking about what the outcome will be. The outcome is not our goal. Our goal is to see how willingly, lovingly and self-givingly we can enter into the action itself. Our goal is to throw ourselves heart and soul into the action and do our very best. Then the results we have to place at the Feet of our Lord Supreme cheerfully, lovingly, devotedly and self-givingly.