Question: Often people in a group cannot work together without criticising or correcting one another. Sometimes instruction is needed. How can this be done while maintaining a harmonious atmosphere?

Sri Chinmoy: In a group, each individual will have his own opinion. But you have to see who has the most light. That person may not have infinite light or even abundant light; but if he has more light than the others, then he should be the leader or the guiding figure. If he has real light, he will not lord it over the others or exploit them. And the others should gladly and cheerfully listen to him. Then everyone can work together harmoniously.

Each time there is a Peace Concert, I make somebody the leader because I know that person has more light or more wisdom or more capacity in general than the rest. The others may be killing themselves postering and doing this or that, but this person has the capacity to organise and mastermind the whole thing. Yes, you may have more wisdom than the leader does on one day, but still you should abide by his decision. If you do that, easily you can create a harmonious atmosphere.