Part I — Occultism and mysticism

Question: Can we learn much about occultism from reading books?

Sri Chinmoy: Many of my disciples are studying books that deal with occultism. I am fully aware of it. But my honest request to you is that you do not study books on occultism if they are not written by spiritual Masters or realised souls. Most of the books written on occultism are collections of fanciful ideas which have nothing to do with reality. Then, by merely studying books on occultism, one can never acquire even an iota of occult force. Books can never give the real secret of occultism. One develops occult powers by going deep within and by enlarging one's consciousness. Or, if one has an earnest, sincere cry to bring these hidden forces to the fore and use them only for the sake of the Divine, then one can develop occult power.

One can also learn occultism from spiritual Masters who have both occult power and spiritual power. If one wants to practise occultism in order to serve humanity or awaken the consciousness of humanity, then he has to first conquer fear. He has to conquer all kinds of fear on the physical, vital, mental and psychic planes. Also, if occultism is to be practised to serve the Supreme, the Divine in humanity, one has to conquer the lower vital or sex-force. You can call it the impure, unlit urge in our human nature. These forces have to be totally conquered. Then, one has to feel that one is living the eternal life in the fleeting life. If one can have the realisation that one is living the eternal life in the fleeting life, then the Infinity, Eternity and Immortality that he has achieved in his own inner being or consciousness can be utilised to serve humanity in the Supreme's own Way. At that time, occultism is not a curse; it is a blessing.

I wish my dedicated disciples who are interested in occultism to bear in mind that first comes spirituality, then occultism; first Divinity, then humanity. Divinity is not outside humanity; Divinity is inside humanity. But unless and until we know Divinity, we cannot serve humanity. We have to remain within Divinity, and then only can we serve humanity.