Question: What can the passengers do to protect themselves against the evil forces?

Sri Chinmoy: Regular prayer and meditation is the only way. It is as if we know that we have an enemy. Let us say that we have to go out in the morning. We can't stay inside our house all the time, it is impossible. But we have to feel that we are well protected the moment we leave the house. Sometimes if our prayer and meditation are not very solid or profound, the forces may attack and do a little harm. But if there is no prayer or meditation at all, then all protection is lost.

Again, gratitude is a form of prayer, a form of protection. If we offer gratitude to the Supreme early in the morning, then immediately gratitude itself will hold protection for us. We are not asking for protection. We are offering gratitude because God has done something for us. The moment we offer our gratitude, God expands our receptivity. When He expands our receptivity, immediately Light enters into us. The function of Light is to enter into us. Light waits at every second to enter into us. And the moment we are receptive, the moment we expand our power of receptivity, it enters. Our receptivity is like a vessel. The bigger we can make it, the more it can contain.