Question: I have been told that a negative entity is around me and is trying to control me. Is it true? And if so, how can I get rid of it?

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to tell you quite frankly that all your problems will be solved if you approach a spiritual Master. Thinking this way, you are only fooling yourself. These are not negative entities. Only you are cherishing some mental fascination, some hallucination which you have created inside yourself. It is all your own creation. So you should go and accept a spiritual Master.

If you do not feel anything in me, no harm. There are many, many other spiritual Masters. But only a spiritual Master can solve your problems. Please forgive me for saying it: I am not being rude to you, but I have to be very firm in this matter, because you are only creating a problem for yourself. Then there will come a time when any spiritual Master will find it extremely difficult to deal with you. The Master will simply say at that time, "It is a hopeless case." Right now it is not a hopeless case, so you should go and approach a spiritual Master in whom you have implicit faith and that spiritual Master can take care of you. These are all elemental forces which have been created by you. Gradually they will lord it over you and compel you to do things against your own will. In the beginning they will convince you that they are saying the right thing and you will do it. Then, after some time, you will discover that these forces are all undivine. But at that time, you will be helpless and you won't be able to guide your own life. So my sincere request to you is to approach a spiritual Master and let that spiritual Master guide you.

Do not try to guide your own life. The main mistake in your life is that you have been trying to guide your life by yourself, which is absolutely wrong. Even in the ordinary life you go to a teacher in order to learn, because you don't know whether this letter is A or B or C. The teacher tells you and then you know. But in the spiritual life, the spiritual Master guides you inwardly. Outwardly he also guides, but most of the time he guides inwardly, because that is the easiest and, at the same time, the most effective method. He will guide an individual seeker inwardly according to the seeker's own standard and receptivity.