Question: Does it look like anything?

Sri Chinmoy: It can take material shape. Sometimes occult power looks like a sharp arrow; like a bullet it can go. While occult power is performing, it can take any form it wants to, but it does not have to take outer form. Occult power or spiritual power doesn't always have to be in a form for you to recognise it. It is like consciousness. Consciousness can be very solid and tangible. You can touch it, eat it, feel it. Again, it can be very flat like water.

A lump of sugar can take any form: it can look like a mountain or it can be very flat, but still it is sugar. Sri Ramakrishna used to say that ice and water are the same thing. If you see ice, it is a reality; if you see water, it is also a reality. There are only two forms that you can see. But occult power can be seen in an invisible form.