Part II — The unseen world

Question: Does God like magic?

Sri Chinmoy: God likes magic very much because He is the Divine Magician. Every second He is doing something, only we don't see it. God is the Supreme Magician. When we use our outer eye we don't see His Magic, but when we use our inner eye we see His Magic all the time. Again, it is one thing to use our inner vision and another thing to become one with His Transcendental Vision. At that time we don't call it magic at all, but a necessary and inevitable experience.

The outer being has no inner vision; it is blind. That is why we can't see God's Magic at all. Millions and billions of things He is doing at every moment. But these human eyes are useless. Again, the inner vision sees everything. Inner vision does not necessarily mean inner oneness, inseparable oneness. You can see a painting with your eye, but you may not become one with it. Similarly, you may see God's Magic with your inner vision, but you may not become one with it.