Part I — Oneness and the soul's intimacy

Question: Will you always intervene in the inner world when your disciples need help?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to know where we actually stand. Those who have accepted me as their Guru, as their spiritual Master, have made an inner connection with me. In some cases, the connection is extremely strong; in others it is looser. If a disciple is very close to me and wholeheartedly devoted to me, if he soulfully listens to my inner and outer requests, then this disciple is bound to have a close inner bond with me. This kind of disciple is the Master's pride and joy. If the Master tells him to jump from the Empire State Building, he will do it immediately; there will be no hesitation. That doesn't mean that the Master will ask him to jump from the Empire State Building. No. But his inner love, his inner oneness will make him feel that the Master is totally and unreservedly for him. If these disciples are in need of help, I have to go to them, no matter what I am doing, even if I am in my highest meditation. Others, I cannot help in this way; the Supreme does not allow me to.

Again, if I want to know something about those disciples who are not so close, immediately I can do so. But that kind of intervention I will not make. When I was in India, I did intervene many times in the lives of my friends, but I felt that I really created more problems for those people. Once I intervene, then they will never dare to think of anything. It is all torture for them, since they know that I will be able to know what they are doing or thinking about.