Question: What happens if a soul fails to manifest on earth?

Sri Chinmoy: In the inner tug-of-war, if one can go high, higher, highest, then one gets the opportunity to manifest at every moment. When good souls see that somebody has died untimely without revealing or manifesting God, they feel sad because of their oneness. They feel that if this person had remained on earth, then he could have completed his game. He could have revealed God and manifested God. But bad souls are happy. They say, "He could not score the goal, so he has failed like us. Now we have a new member in our family."

In my case, if I can't manifest, it is because I have become absolutely one with my children. So if I fail to manifest, Heaven has no right to laugh at me because I have left my limbs and my heartbeat on earth. Only if my children fail will I allow Heaven to laugh at me. So I will watch from Heaven and see if my children can really please me.