Question: I find it so difficult to lose weight.

Sri Chinmoy: God-realisation is not as difficult as losing weight. I have realised God, that is why I can tell you. Losing weight is really difficult. For God-realisation, God's Grace is there. But to lose weight, we starve, we fast. Where does weight come from? No matter what I eat, even if I have taken only twenty calories per day, the extra weight I have stays on for weeks.

If you are proportionate, if your weight is perfect, it adds to your spiritual height. Spiritual Peace, Light and Bliss do not increase your stomach. Don't think of Indian spiritual Masters. We are notorious. All spiritual Masters except one or two have had a wonderful stomach. There is no wisdom there. If we don't take exercise, if we don't pay any attention to what we eat, then how are we going to manifest in the physical? Inwardly we are everything, but in the matter of exercise, we are nothing. It is very unfortunate that many of the spiritual Masters are really great but they don't exercise. Again, they realised God and they will say who cares for earth and the physical being. I will reply: true, your soul will take you to God, your aspiration will tell you about God, but what are you going to do for God? If your body is in a good consciousness, then your earth consciousness, which is in the physical, gets inspiration to lead a higher, better life.