Question: Do you work mostly in silence?

Sri Chinmoy: No, I also work on the physical plane. I am quite active for quite a few hours every day. But I wish to say with utmost sincerity and humility that while I am working on the physical plane, while I am composing poetry, dealing with my disciples and so forth, at the same time I am also accomplishing many things in the inner world. In the outer world I may accomplish just one thing, but at the same time in the inner world I am doing twenty things. When I am talking to someone, I can be doing many things on different planes of consciousness.

Once in India, someone who used to be my mentor was walking with me in the street. I was very close to him. While we were walking, this individual identified so strongly with me that he became aware of four things that I was doing at that time on the inner plane.

In the inner plane each individual has much more capacity than in the outer plane. The outer plane is very small, but the inner plane is very large. When a seeker is conscious of his capacity on the inner plane, he runs the fastest and achieves his goal sooner than at once.