Seven thousand poems1

Before I left New York, I had a strong determination to write seven thousand poems for my Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees. There came a time, two weeks ago, when I was not at all inspired to dictate poems for about a week or so. I said, "It is a hopeless case." When I say "hopeless case," God laughs and laughs!

Now on a regular basis I am doing over one hundred fifty poems a day. On some days I compose two hundred, and on some days it is three hundred. In that way I have completed over 4,500 poems. Some people will soon go home to New York, so it is my wish to give them 5,000 poems to be typed by Kakali in New York. From Hawaii, 1,250 poems have already gone back to New York. Now I will be completing 5,000.

All those who serve me in my poetry-world deserve my very special gratitude and gratitude.

  1. OOP 4. 4 January 2002, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia