Everything went well during our visit to Guatemala — everything!

I like the kind of elevator we had in the hotel. It was half glass. We could see when it was coming down. As soon as I entered into the elevator, I turned around, and from there I could see so many disciples! Each time I got tremendous joy when I turned around.

On the penultimate day of our trip, I was coming down and, as usual, I immediately turned my back towards the elevator door so that I could look at the disciples in the lobby.

I did not notice right away that after me somebody else had entered the elevator. It seemed to me that it was a tall lady. I did not pay any attention to her. I was facing the glass, and I was looking at the disciples. The lady said, “Why do you have to turn your back to me?”

I said, “I am sorry, I am sorry!”

She went down to the sixth or seventh floor, not to the lobby. When she was leaving the elevator, very loudly she said, “Adios!”


I like that kind of elevator very, very much.

  1. OOP 40. 4 July 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York