The souls of the dear ones51

By entering into somebody’s soul, one can know about the souls of the dear ones and where they are — whether they are still alive or they are in the soul’s world or they have taken another incarnation.

After I blessed Ajoy, I entered into his father’s soul to know about his father’s mother, Ajoy’s grandmother. I asked the son where his mother is. Immediately I came to know that she has taken incarnation in Myanmar. The mind does not know these things, but the soul knows.

The soul came to me and said, “I am in Burma.”

I said, “Nowadays it is called Myanmar.”

She said, “I thought you would not understand if I said ‘Myanmar’.”

I said, “Oh, Burma, Burma.”

Burma has a very close link with so many relatives of mine.

OOP 44. 4 July 2005, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York