Question: What is the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: It is up to the individual to define Him. If you want the Supreme to be infinite Light, infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, or some other formless quality, then He is that. But you may also define Him with form. You have seen children who are extremely beautiful, but you have to feel that He is infinitely more beautiful than the most beautiful child. It is up to you to decide the way you want to see Him: as infinite Peace, infinite Light, infinite Bliss, or as a Being more beautiful than the most beautiful child. Or you can see Him in both ways, as you can see both water and ice: with form it is ice and without form it is water. You can enjoy both, or whichever one pleases you more. The Supreme is God. I like the term "Supreme," but you can call Him by any name that pleases you. The Supreme is still the Supreme no matter what name you use.