On 4 February 1977 Sri Chinmoy inaugurated a new Centre in the New York area. Following is a transcription of what he said to the group of about 25 seekers who wished to become members of the new Green Centre.

The following questions were asked by disciples of Sri Chinmoy's Blue Centre on 11 February 1977.

Sri Chinmoy: Please meditate for one minute and then tell me what is the most difficult thing for you to accomplish or conquer in your life, except God-realisation. God-realisation you are aiming at, but right now it is out of the question. But if you have jealousy, doubt or whatever, please tell me. The answer I give will be applicable especially to you.

General questions and answers

The following questions were answered on 2 March 1977 at Rockland County Community College in Suffern, New York.