Part I

Simplicity and stupidity

The Master was speaking to a few of his disciples on the birthday of one of their spiritual brothers whose name was Rabi.

"Here there are many who are jealous of Rabi. When they see him running in the street to come to me or to get something for me, they become jealous. But at the same time, if I ask them to do what he is doing, they won't do it. Some people become jealous because they are not given the opportunity to bring food for me or to beg for money from door to door. Again, some people become jealous even if someone does a bad thing, if he becomes infamous or notorious. If someone has become a thief of the first order, the other person does not want to become a thief, but he wants to get the name and fame that the thief has got. He wants everybody to know who he is. This is human life. People want to get name and fame in any way, even in a negative way. There are some disciples who don't want to take the trouble to work, but they want to get name and fame.

"Fortunately, Rabi is not of that type, but sometimes his stupidity digs a grave for me; then I have to come out of the grave. Now, spirituality is not stupidity. One of India's greatest scholars said that he could mix with many people, only he could not mix with one person in God's creation, and that was a fool. If you remain with a fool, then no matter how guarded you are, you will one day be totally ruined.

"So don't act like a stupid fellow, Rabi, but remain always simple. Spirituality is simplicity. Just because you try to please me, that doesn't mean that you can act like a really stupid fellow. People may forgive you, but they will not forget you. You have written in letters of gold in their hearts: 'Rabi is a first class fool.' Once it is registered in their brain that you are really a stupid fellow, then no matter what you do for them, even if you give your life for them, they will not get the same kind of joy. Stupid people should be kept at arm's length. So act like a simple man, not a stupid man.

"Sometimes you act in a stupid manner, Rabi, even while you are fully conscious of the fact that you are acting like a stupid person. You are trying to gain the sympathy of others by your stupidity, which is very bad. If your behaviour is a pretense to draw sympathy from others, if you do it intentionally, then you are acting like a rogue. As I said before, there are many things which they will forgive, but they won't forget. If they don't forget the incident, then what kind of forgiveness will they have? Where is forgiveness? Forgiveness is in total oblivion. If you remember an incident, then you do not forgive the person totally.

"Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that you know perfectly well that you are acting like a stupid fellow, because some people get a kind of innocent pleasure — or perhaps it is a malicious pleasure — by acting like a circus clown. When you enjoy this kind of action, then you are acting unconsciously like a rogue. When you treasure stupidity because others are making fun of you and getting joy, then you have to know that some part of your existence cherishes ignorance, which is undivine. You pretend that you do not know what you are doing. That amounts to a very bad quality.

"Here everybody is a culprit: we all have bad qualities. But in your case I am telling you your bad qualities frankly so that everybody can learn. Don't pretend; just prove to the world who you are. If you pretend to the world to be a fool, then the world will catch you and hate you. You don't want to be hated. Needless to say, I don't hate you and I shall never hate you; I shall only love you and love you."

Then the Master blessed his devoted disciple with all his heart's affection and love.