Occultism can be something dynamic or aggressive, something divinely powerful or divinely arrogant, or one-pointed like a spear. Occultism can be black magic of the worst sort. Again, the highest kind of occultism can be used for a divine purpose. Here it is immediate activity, immediate achievement or immediate fulfilment. For a true spiritual seeker who has not yet realised God, occultism is not only unnecessary but absolutely dangerous. Black magic, which is occultism in the lowest vital plane, is nothing but dreadful poison. I want none of my disciples to have anything to do with black magic. Even the occultism which is sometimes used side by side with spiritual power is dangerous. Very often, the so-called occultists become victims of their own deeds. They are simply standing on a tightrope. At any moment they can fall and break their legs. Very often these so-called occultists use the astral tube, which is on the subtle plane. But if the subtle tube gives way, their lives also come to an end. Many people have lost their lives because of this or they have lost their mental balance and act like mad elephants.

Some occultists work in and from the vital plane. They use spirits and ghosts of their relatives. But sometimes they are killed; they are actually strangled by the spirits in the vital world. The spirits want to serve their lord, but if their lord has nothing further to give them, then they come and destroy their lord. This is what very often happens to the so-called occultists.

There is a funny story that I am sure most of you know. Once an occultist used spirits to help him in his occult play. He told people many juicy stories about their future and their past. He took help from the spirits. But the condition was that he had to give work to the spirits constantly. If he did not give them work, then the spirits would strangle him.

A time came when the occultist had nothing more to ask the spirits to do for him. The spirits got furious and wanted to kill the occultist in the vital world. So the occultist came and took the shelter of a Yogi. The Yogi said, "Please keep a dog right in front of you and tell the spirits that you want them to straighten the dog's tail." In this way the spirits were caught. Each time the tail was straightened, it curled back again. So the spirits always had work to do. Our human nature is like the tail of a dog. Very often it is prone to crookedness.

There are some occult powers which are innocent, harmless, and really helpful and productive. These occult powers you get the moment your six major centres and the crown centre start opening. The moment any of these chakras is fully opened, you can rest assured that you will have more than a little bit of occult knowledge and occult power. But you have to know how you are utilising these occult powers. If you utilise the occult powers to satisfy your curiosity and to know what is happening in somebody's life, then you are misusing them. If you use them only when the divine within you, the Supreme within you, inspires you to help somebody in awakening his consciousness, then you are using them in the proper way.

Now if you follow the path of Kundalini Yoga, easily you can develop these occult powers. But for that you have to be extremely pure, pure, pure. Your name should be nothing else but purity. When you develop occult powers and you are all purity, in your outer life and in your inner life, then occult powers are a blessing. Otherwise, occult powers are a veritable curse. So I wish all of you to go deep within and offer your love, devotion and surrender to the Supreme. He is our eternal Father, Mother, Brother and Sister. So let Him pilot us. If He wants to give us occult powers, He will give them. If He wants to give us spiritual powers-Peace, Light and Bliss-which are of infinitely more importance than occult powers, He will give them to us. Let us meditate and concentrate and not deal with occultism at this stage of our spiritual journey.

Some of you are beginners; some of you are a little advanced. But I wish to tell you that none of you are so advanced right now, that you can without difficulty enter into the occult world. And if any of you actually are in a position to enter into the occult world, I will be the first person to teach you from the beginning to the end. But my business right now is only to take you to the Supreme. Then the Supreme will do everything for you.