Question: If we think good thoughts, are we manifesting something for earth?

Sri Chinmoy: If you can do one thing divinely, then three hundred sixty-five divine qualities you are manifesting on earth. Only one good quality, one good thought, one divine thought, if you can maintain it for half an hour, it will be manifested in some form. But it can't be for just a second. When one is realised, even if for a fleeting second that person offers his good will, then in that one fleeting second that good will is established in the earth-atmosphere. But for those who have not realised God, if they can maintain a divine thought for half an hour, let us say, then their thought-power, which is a divine action, will be able to manifest itself in humanity. So if you have a good thought, or if you have done something good, try to keep up the spirit or the thought or the action at least for half an hour. Then rest assured, either on the inner plane or on the outer plane it will be received by earth.