The Master's physical presence

When I am on earth, in the physical, it is the greatest opportunity for the disciples. In one incarnation you can make the progress of forty or fifty incarnations. Here, if you are depressed, if you need me, I can console you. But when I go to the other world, it will be infinitely more difficult. Then, if you are depressed, you will have to telephone me. But that telephone call is so expensive; the price is called aspiration.

When the physical goes away, it is difficult. Why do disciples of other Masters come to me for progress? Because they are unable to keep their contact with their Master. They enter into ignorance and then they do not hear their Master's voice. When the Master is in front of them, talking in a human language, it is so easy to hear him. Whether they want to abide by the Master's dictates is another matter. But if the Master wants to speak from the top of the tree, from the other world, the disciples don't hear because he is very far away. At the foot of the tree he is using a human language, but at the top of the tree he is using some other language which is very different.

When the Master leaves the body, then he can take a little rest. At that time if his children and grandchildren are fighting, what can he do? But now I cannot take any rest. I am shouting and barking. When the mother is sleeping, the children go out and strike each other. But when the mother is awake, then the children have to behave.

When the Master is in the physical, you may doubt him. "How is it that he insults us and scolds us?" Then, when the Master leaves, you forget the physical and suddenly you have tremendous faith. But that faith lasts only for two days or two months. Only a few disciples will miss the Master's physical presence to such an extent that they will want to leave the world when he leaves. They will feel that they cannot function without the Master's physical presence.