Question: Do you always bring down the same thing or does it depend on us?

Sri Chinmoy: I bring down almost everything, but it is up to the disciples to achieve it or receive it. Suppose that today you need purity. Then you will receive purity more. The next time you may need light, so you will receive light. It depends on what you need. I am like a shopkeeper. I keep all things in my shop. It is up to you to buy whatever you want. If you want to buy this particular food, you buy it. If you want to buy something else, you can buy that. Here, when you buy, money-power is not necessary; you buy with aspiration. The more aspiration you can show, the more you are able to get the things that you need: Peace, Light, Bliss, Purity. Some days the shopkeeper sells one particular item more than other things. So, three or four or ten persons may see a white light today, because they need purity. There are many people who need peace. Most of the disciples need peace of mind. So I bring peace, and this peace you can take to your heart's content. Anything else you want you can also have.