Question: What is the difference between vital music and spiritual music?

Sri Chinmoy: When we play vital music, we starve our soul and feed our body. The creator is like the father and humanity is the child. When the creator plays vital music, the father is drinking something, but the son is starving for something else, for milk. But when the creator plays spiritual music, both the father and the son are drinking nectar at the same time. Even looking at the father's face, the child will be able to drink nectar. The very fact that the father is drinking nectar is enough for the child.

Soulful music is soft, subtle and delicate. It offers delight rather than vital excitement. Vital excitement is one thing and soul's delight is something else. The soul's delight is most powerful, most intense; but, at the same time, it does not create any kind of undivine, sensational pleasure in the body. It just transports; it carries the entire being into the Highest like a balloon and then, when the balloon breaks, you are swimming in the sea of Bliss.