Part I — Attachment

Question: Guru, sometimes when I begin to meditate I feel overwhelmed by the pressure of all my attachments and I feel that my aspiration is dying. Shall I try to surrender them to you or shall I just try to aspire more?

Sri Chinmoy: To surrender your limitations to me is the most effective way to get rid of them. At the same time, you must not feel that since you have surrendered them all to me, you can allow attachments to enter into you again. You have to feel that once you have given something to me, it becomes my permanent possession, even if it is something undivine like attachments, worries and disrupting thoughts. You must not take them back again. If you have the feeling that once you have given your attachments to me, you will not ever allow them to enter into you a second time, that is the way to get rid of them permanently. If you give them to me today and tomorrow you take them back again, either consciously or unconsciously, then my help can only be effective for today.

If you cannot surrender these forces to me, then it is best to conquer them through aspiration. If wrong ideas come to you repeatedly and make your life miserable, then you have to aspire for the Supreme and meditate on the Supreme in order to remove them totally from your system. Your increased aspiration will bring more light into your system and this light will gradually illumine and transform your attachments and other limitations.