Question: Sometimes I feel that if I don't realise God soon, I shall commit suicide.

Sri Chinmoy: Good! The next thing you may as well say is, "It would be so nice if I could turn over my entire existence to the worst possible ferocious beast." Your first realisation is that you must reach the goal right away. Your next realisation will be that you should sacrifice your existence entirely to someone, any being — it doesn't matter who. When your so-called inner life gives you that kind of wisdom, since you have invited him, the destruction-tiger will immediately come and devour you. Perhaps you think that if you have this kind of attitude, the Supreme will say, "Oh, don't commit suicide. I will give you realisation." But if He gives you realisation untimely, that will be the quickest form of suicide.

In India they say that if you want to take your life, but you are afraid to do it, then just brag as much as you can. Some people say that they will do something great and then, if they cannot do it, they want to commit suicide. When they fail, they are ready to commit suicide, but at the same time they are afraid. But in our scriptures it is mentioned that if you brag that you did this and that, and you said this and that, if you brag about all the things you and your forefathers supposedly did, then you will have committed real suicide. So if you cannot fulfil your promise either about realising God or about committing suicide, then boast as much as you can. That will be your best way of committing suicide.

Here is a book that all of us have been waiting for: a book about the obstacles on our spiritual path and how to surmount them. In this book the seeker will discover that his life-torturing and heart-discouraging problems are shared, suffered, survived and finally illumined and transcended by other spiritual seekers, too. Here he will find guidance and inspiration as well as encouragement and consolation. Here he will find the compassionate Wisdom of the Supreme leading and guiding him into His very Heart.

Problems, problems; are they really problems? Only until they are transformed into divine opportunities by our sincere love of light, by our soulful cry for God.