Question: When I go to sleep at night I feel a pressure to remain in meditation longer, and when I sleep my dreams tell me to wake up and meditate. If I ignore them, the next dream says that my higher self is very unhappy.

Sri Chinmoy: No matter what your dreams say, in your particular case you need a minimum of seven hours of sleep in order for your body and mind to get enough rest. If you let your dreams make you feel that when you are sleeping you are wasting your precious time, then when you are meditating, the light of your inner voice will tell you that your health is suffering because you are not taking the necessary rest. At the present stage of your spiritual evolution you need seven hours of sleep. But the hostile forces like to create problems for us. According to them, no matter what we do, we are always doing something wrong. You have to be firm about this. You must tell them, "What I am doing is right for me and I don't want to hear anything else." If you want to meditate more, you will have to begin your meditation earlier, rather than continuing it later and taking the time away from your necessary rest.