Question: Is there ever a time when negative thoughts stop coming into one's mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. That time is bound to come. In the meantime you must try not to think negatively. Do not think, "I am a sinner of the first water; I will never be able to realise God. My inner life will never be inundated with infinite Light and Bliss." You should think positively: "I am God's chosen child. He will make me a perfect image of Himself. He will proclaim His Message in me and through me. I will be His chosen instrument, a perfect channel of God." With these positive thoughts you will soon succeed.

We have to know what we want. We want God the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. If we are approaching Him through love, devotion and surrender, we shall eventually become one with Him positively, convincingly and most fulfillingly. We can consciously make ourselves feel that we are God's child and that we have within us everything that He has: His infinite Treasure of Peace, Bliss and Power is inside us. We have only to uncover it. These positive ideas will put a definite end to our negative thoughts.

In India there was a great spiritual Master named Sri Ramakrishna, who used to say, "If you say you are a thief and a sinner, then you will forever remain a thief and a sinner. But if you say, 'I have repeated God's Name, I am God's child,' then how can you continue to do wrong?" Nothing on earth or in Heaven can hold you back if you have faith in your Source. The highest aspiration of your inner divinity will carry you towards the goal.

Positive thoughts are needed at every moment of your existence in order to destroy your negative thoughts. Then, when the flame of aspiration climbs high, higher, highest, you will see that you possess a purifying fire that will burn away all your negative thoughts. From now on try to climb high and dive deep into your inner being and from there bring your adamantine willpower to the fore. Once you attack your negative thoughts with your inner will, the will of the soul, all negative and destructive thoughts can easily be annihilated.