Question: When I am trying to meditate, my mind is always thinking about my studies. How can I stop this?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to feel that if you meditate properly, it will help you in your studies also. Studies are necessary for you right now, so do not separate your studies from your meditation. Suppose you have to learn a short poem. It may require twenty minutes to learn it. But if you meditate on the poem or on God for two or three minutes, you will be able to learn it in a much shorter time. In this way you will always get help in your studies from real meditation.

Meditation is the medicine which can cure everything. Meditation is an additional help in everything. You don't have to meditate for two hours and then study for five minutes. On the contrary, you can meditate for five minutes and then study for two hours. If you meditate for five minutes before you study, the strength the power, the intensity of your meditation will help you in your studies and in all your mental activities.

You will be able to silence your mind if you feel that you have to do first things first. First comes God, not your books. If you think of God first, you will see that the God you invoked during your meditation will help you in your studies. God is everywhere, but you have to touch His Feet before you touch His Head. In your studies also, first touch the source, then climb up the tree. God is the root and source of your activities. When you invoke or enter into His divine Consciousness before studying, you will see that your mental capacities will also be lifted up.