The National Health Institute: this very name is so inspiring, aspiring, illumining and fulfilling. Health is of paramount importance and the nation pays all attention to health. I am extremely happy and deeply honoured to be here to offer my dedicated service to this great Institute.

Man’s health
God’s Wealth.

Man’s health-perfection
God’s Heart-Satisfaction.

The body is the temple.
The soul is the shrine.

The body is the dreamer.
The soul is the fulfiller.

No health,
No journey forward,
And inward.


The body fears;
Death nears.

National Health Institute,
To your vision-light
I bow and bow.

National health-smile is
Nation’s victory-adventure


Stark poverty
Is not the only cause
Of ill health.

Is the main cause
Of poor health.

Is the order of the day.
Therefore, military-disease-army
Ruthlessly attacks and damages
The body-fort.

Man’s body-perfection
Is God’s

Man’s body-perfection
Is God’s
New creation-inspiration,
New creation-aspiration
And new creation-manifestation.

I pray to God,
Not for the body of a boxer,
Not for the body of a wrestler,
But for the body of a God-believer,
God-lover and God-server.

I pray to God to bless me
With perfect body-fitness,
So that I will not be cowed down
By the buffets of disease-dragons.

I pray to God to bless me
With a Divinity-Illumination-surcharged body,
So that I can manifest here on earth
God-Infinity’s Peace
And God-Immortality’s Bliss.

Not body-comfort-indulgence,
But body-competence-effulgence,
Humanity's singular need.

There is an Indian saying from the hoary past:
Nayamatma balahinena labhya

The soul cannot be won
By the weakling.
The soul can be won only
By the brave.

[Sri Chinmoy invited the audience to join him as he sang one of his own compositions:]

Man’s health
Is God’s Wealth.
Man’s health-perfection
Is God’s Heart-Satisfaction.

I wish to offer my prayerful and soulful gratitude to the authorities of the National Health Institute for having given me the golden opportunity to be of service to the soul, the heart and the life of this Institute.

I shall pray for the stupendous success and enormous progress of this great Health Institute, for the outer success and inner progress of this inspiring, aspiring and self-giving Health Institute.

[Sri Chinmoy received the award of Honorary Doctor. During the award presentation ceremony, Professor P.P. Gorbenko read out the following slogan of the National Health Institute:]

"Healthy world to you.
  Healthy world to your family members.
  Healthy world to all peoples of our planet."

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to thank you from the very depths of my heart for the kind and blessingful message that you have just offered to me. This momentous award I shall cherish forever in my heart of gratitude to you.

The body's health is essential. Inside the body is the soul, our inner existence. What we need is physical fitness, not physical supremacy to defeat others and glorify ourselves. We need health, physical fitness, which is of paramount importance. When we are physically fit, we can achieve the things that we need most in our life. It is only through physical fitness that we can achieve what we desire and fulfil our lofty aspiration. Therefore, we must keep our body always fit to love God and to serve God in humanity.