My dear friends, my dear brothers and sisters, I am extremely, extremely, extremely grateful to you for inviting me to be of service to you, to the Supreme Musician in you and the Supreme Singer in you.

I love music. I love song. Music is the beauty of God’s Creation. Song is the fragrance of God’s Creation.

Music awakens us to a sublime height. Song delights us, our life within and our life without.

Each human being is a musician. He either plays on his mind-drum or he plays on his heart-flute or he plays on both. He himself plays, hears, appreciates and admires his own creations that come from an unknown Source.

Each human being is a singer. In his thoughts, in his ideas, in his actions, in his words and deeds, in his sound-life and silence-life, he carries sweetness, tenderness and soul-stirring or heart-rending melodies of the Unknown. He himself is a singer, listener and admirer of his own songs.

God is the Supreme Musician. God is the Supreme Singer. He created the Universe from His Vision-Music. He feeds and nourishes the Universe with His Revelation and Manifestation-Songs.

A musician pilots his large and powerful music-reality-boat confidently and majestically to grandeur's splendour of the plenitude-multiplication-shore.

A singer sails his dream-boat-songs soulfully and self-givingly to beauty's shore of the ever-transcending Beyond.

When I play music, I feel that I have become greatness incarnate. When I sing songs, I feel that my life has become the sweetness of my heart and the fulness of my soul.

My music and I barter life-fulfilment-confidence-might. My songs and I barter newness-journey-oneness-delight. I

I unmistakably appreciate the musicians and the singers of the outer life. I sincerely admire and adore the musicians and the singers of the inner life. I dearly love and love and love the musicians and the singers who only play God-music and only sing God-songs to gladden God the Supreme Musician and God the Supreme Singer.

India's greatest poet and literary figure, Rabindranath Tagore, tells the world, “The noise of the moment scoffs at the music of the Eternal.” Alas, when a tiny drop makes fun of the vast ocean, it is at once ridiculous and painful.

True, eternally true, absolutely true, what the great philosopher Nietzsche says, “Without music life would be a mistake.” The outer music we hear. The inner music we become. The outer music thrills us. The inner music drills us to be absolutely perfect instruments of God.

“Music is well said to be the speech of angels,” so says Carlyle. Music is Divinity's Breath that expresses itself through humanity's heart and life. Carlyle's utterance embodies truth beyond measure.

To me, the music that shatters our ears descends from God's dynamic Thunder-Feet-Power.

To me, the song that sweetens our heart and enlightens our mind descends from God's Bliss-flooded Heart-Home.

I equally applaud the music that revolutionises my inner sleep-life and the song that harmonises my outer conflict-life.

[Following Sri Chinmoy’s lecture, he offered a musical concert. He performed on a number of different instruments, including the Academy’s organ.]