[Sri Chinmoy was delayed in arriving and offered his deepest apology.]

Please forgive me for being so late. Punctuality is of paramount importance; we should be always on time. Luckily, I am not a doctor. If a doctor had arrived so late, the patient could have died.

You have blessed me with so many invaluable gifts. It is easy to receive, but it is not so easy to deserve such gifts. In my case, it will be very difficult, extremely difficult for me to deserve the blessingful honours that you have bestowed upon me.

Over the years, I have been to many places to share my thoughts and to offer my prayerful service to my sisters and brothers of the world. I go here, there and everywhere to give joy and receive joy. When I was entering into this sacred place, I was first shown by the directors a few photographs of my most highly esteemed sister Raisa Maximovna. She was all kindness, all compassion, all love and all concern for me. When I saw how affectionately, compassionately and self-givingly she was offering her heart’s pure breath to the little children, my heart was swimming in the sea of tears. I was so deeply moved. Those who, like Raisa Maximovna, love the suffering world can pray to God to save and cure their dear ones.

There are three worlds. The first is the world of love, concern, sympathy and the feeling of oneness. In the second world, we quarrel, we fight, we strangle and we destroy our enemies. The third world is the world of suffering, suffering and suffering — unimaginable suffering. Most of us, if not all, live at different times in these three worlds.

This Research Institute represents the suffering world. Here we know, we see and we feel what the suffering world is. But again, we can bring into this world the world of love, the world of prayers. The doctors who are all compassion and affection, like these three1 , can do so much for the improvement of the suffering world, and they do it most devotedly.

This Institute deals with blood. People give blood, which is of paramount importance, on the physical plane. Again, we can offer blood on the inner plane also. We can offer blood through our prayers. The outer world and the inner world always go together. As we sow, so we reap, for ourselves and for others. Physically there are many, many who are unable to offer their blood to the needy; but spiritually, by virtue of their prayers, they can offer their inner blood to these sick children. Our prayers can be of tremendous help to these helpless children.

I am a man of prayers. I started praying consciously, sincerely and seriously at the age of seven. Then I started doing other spiritual disciplines: concentration, meditation, contemplation and so forth. But I still pray and pray. I pray for the improvement and betterment of the world. Like me, there are many people who pray to God for the betterment of this world. I am not the only one — far from it! There are countless people who pray to God most sincerely.

Sometimes God does not listen to our prayers. That does not mean our prayers are not sincere. Our prayers are sincere, but God knows what is good for us and what is good for the suffering patients. He knows what is really best for the patients. The human in us suffers hopelessly when our dear ones are snatched away by death. But if we pray and meditate, we clearly see that God has a special purpose when He takes away our dear ones from this world. After all, nobody can be as dear to the patients as God.

We live in the physical world. There is another world which is right now invisible to us. Again, by virtue of our prayers and meditations, we can establish an access to that particular world. Here on earth we work. After some time we become tired and then we take rest. We have a living room and we have a bedroom. We work very hard in the living room. Then we need to take rest in the bedroom before we can again enter into our outer activities. In exactly the same way, after we end our journey here on earth, we go to another place, which we call Heaven. There we take rest.

Here on earth when we lose our dear ones, we are heartbroken. In this world there are a few things that give us comfort or reassurance so that we can live on earth. With money-power we sustain our earthly life. We cannot put money-power inside a coffin; we cannot take it with us to Heaven or send it to our dear ones there. But our prayers, our goodwill, our concern, our self-giving breath: these currencies our dear ones can carry to the other world. There, these currencies are valued. The souls receive our love, our concern, our feeling of oneness. When the souls leave this world, they carry our goodwill, our love, our compassion, our concern and our self-giving will to Heaven. There they can use it. Our self-giving, in a sense, is a currency, and this currency they carry with them to use in Heaven. Our self-giving is of tremendous, tremendous need and tremendous help at the same time.

Sympathy, sympathy, sympathy: sympathy is our oneness-power. Sympathy can inundate us with the feeling of oneness. This Research Institute, which is all sympathy, has the capacity to bring to the fore our most precious quality: the feeling of oneness.

God is the Patient and God is the Doctor. It is God the Doctor who is trying to cure the God the Patient, or God the Doctor who wants the God the Patient to go to the other world, the higher world. Unfortunately there are human doctors who may not be aware of God’s constant Presence. They may not feel that God Himself is acting in and through them. But if they have a sympathetic heart — which these three doctors right beside me have in boundless measure — then God becomes extremely, extremely proud of His medical children.

I have come here, not to speak; I have come here only to sympathise. I have come here to offer the tears of my heart. The little drops, the little tears that I have, I am offering to this vast ocean of tears. Again, when my tears, your tears and everybody else’s tears are put together, our tears, which are founded only upon sympathy, become sweeter than the sweetest. Our oneness-heart-tears become sweeter than the sweetest. These tears do not break our hearts; these tears unify us. Our hearts sing God’s Victory and pray for God’s Victory to be manifested in and through each human being on earth. Our oneness-heart-tears are sweeter than the sweetest, and these tears make God truly proud of us.

My doctor-brothers and doctor-sister, I am offering you my love, my appreciation, my admiration and my adoration for what you are doing to cure the suffering world. In silence we pray. Our prayer is our service. Again, our devoted service is our prayer. We try to cure the patients with our medical discoveries and medical capacities. We try to cure the suffering world. To your noble and self-giving hearts, my oneness-heart I am offering, along with my gratitude and gratitude from the inmost recesses of my heart. My prayers shall be always with you. I have been praying for you in all sincerity since I first came to learn about this Institute.

This Institute is an Institute of sympathy, an Institute of oneness. When there is oneness, we feel that fulness looms large. We are full, we are complete, on the strength of our sweeter than the sweetest oneness.

Raisa Maximovna, with my soulful prayers I am invoking your blessingful presence. You visited this place many times to offer your heart, your life and your life-breath. May my gratitude-heart and the gratitude-hearts of all present here be one with you, with your soul.

1 Director of the Research Institute of Pediatric Hematology, Professor A.G. Rumyantsev, Head Doctor of the Russian Pediatric Clinical Hospital, Professor N.N. Vaganov, and Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Pediatric Hematology, Professor E.B. Vladimirskaya, who have been cooperating with Sri Chinmoy for over 13 years in connection with “Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles” Humanitarian Service offered by Sri Chinmoy Centres worldwide.