Professor Ananda W.P. Guruge: Can you verbalise your spiritual experience of encountering the force or power to which you submit as "the Supreme"? How does an interactive relationship develop, and in what plane? Is it a purely psychological experience taking place in your consciousness only?

Sri Chinmoy: Indeed, this is a personal question, and since you are my most affectionate Brother-Friend, I shall take the most loving liberty of answering the question in a personal way.

There are two kinds of personal God-encounters. One is merely a God-experience. The other is God-realisation. When you experience God, you climb up God the Tree. When you realise God, you eat God the Fruit. And once you are completely satisfied with the fruit, God may ask you to climb down the tree and tell the world how delicious the fruit tastes. God also gives you a very large quantity of fruit to bring down and share with your earthly brothers and sisters who are really hungry for this particular fruit.

God-experience was my journey's infallible start. God-realisation is my journey's sleepless flow. God-manifestation is my journey's breathless glow.

Dealing with another part of your question, mine is not a psychological experience. Far from it! Please allow me to elaborate.

Yoga's child is spirituality.
Spirituality's child is religion.
Religion's child is philosophy.
Philosophy's child is psychology.

Yoga lives in the illumining soul and in the aspiring heart. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means 'union'. It is the union of earth's aspiration-cries and Heaven's Compassion-Smiles, of man the ascending cry and God the descending Smile.

Spirituality lives in the heart and the soul. Religion lives in the heart, in the mind and in the vital. Philosophy unfolds and spreads the mind-mattress. Psychology folds the mind-mattress and offers its density and intensity to the needy.

Mine is not a psychological experience. It is a state of consciousness which is infinitely higher than the mystic and psychic experiences. It is the transformation of the body-consciousness-reality into the soul-consciousness-immortality. There is no mind, no form. One becomes absolutely one with God the creation-Dreamer and God the creation-Lover.